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A place where a kid gets to be a kid


Mary Ranken, born in 1869 in Northern Ireland, emigrated to the U.S. in 1885.  At  age 36, she married Clay Jordan, a St. Louis Merchant.  Together they began their influence in the community through philanthropic work and establishing associations and charities.  Childless herself, Mrs. Jordan spent many hours with the young patients, fulfilling her dream to help children with complex medical needs.


Ranken Jordan opened it's doors April 9, 1941 under the supervision of Mary Ranken Jordan and her husband Clay.  Originally called The Ranken Jordan Home for Convalescent Crippled Children, Clay and Mary with a small staff took in St. Louis area children suffering from polio, osteomyelitis and bone tuberculosis.  In 1960 Ranken Jordan expanded to allow more children and a larger staff.  However, by the early 2000's it was outgrowing the 15,000 square-foot 26-bed home in Ladue, Missouri, and was taking in children with more complex conditions.  In 2002 Ranken Jordan became a pediatric hospital and was no longer a long-term care facility. Just 2 years later, in 2004, Ranken Jordan moved to Maryland Heights, Missouri in a new 62,000 square-foot 34-bed facility.   In 2014 Ranken Jordan became known as a "Pediatric Bridge Hospital",

and began a national television ad campaign.

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Every year in October, the hospital presents the Mary Ranken Jordan Society Award to some one for their Service to Children in the  community. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COACHMEN CAR CLUB OF ST. LOUIS!  They were chosen to receive the award for 2010.  Lauri Tanner, the President and CEO of Ranken Jordan, told us that it’s not so much about the monetary contributions we have made, as it is about the spirit of our club.  The hospital staff, the volunteers, and the patients, have come to know that we will be there for them whenever they call us to help out.

How did the Coachmen got involved?......In July 2008, we decided that we would donate part of the proceeds from our BBQ at Vago Park to Ranken Jordan.  That BBQ in September 2008 was a big success and we were able to donate $600.  Lou Puricelli, Bobby Miller, and Dan Wrobel were the first members to actually visit the hospital.  Director of Development, Elaine Hickerson, gave us a tour and we were amazed by what we saw.  Several of you were with us the time we took our cars to the hospital just for the fun of it.  That was in October 2008.  A few more of you were permitted to tour the facility and all were deeply touched by what they saw that day, and that was when we “adopted” them as  "most worthy" of our support.  Then in March 2009, many of us were there again for the Spring Carnival.  At that time, besides displaying our cars, we cooked and served hotdogs, more of you took a tour of the hospital, and on that day we were able to present them with a check for $1,000.  Their gratitude was unbelievable!    At the 2009 BBQ, we presented them with a check for $1100.  Also on that day we began talking about having a car show at Ranken Jordan.  Later in September we were again at the hospital for the annual dog walk, which was a ton of fun.  Then came the Valentine dance in February 2010.  On the 25th Lou and Dan (representing ALL of you), presented another check, this time for $5000.  Our first attempt at having a car show was far from being the success we had hoped, yet the staff and volunteers had nothing but praise for our efforts.  46 of you showed up and did your best to make the most of the day.   We believe it was that effort more than anything else that is responsible for the Coachmen receiving this wonderful award.  We were overwhelmed, and all of you should be equally as proud.

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