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I promise and swear that I will be a good sport.

​ I won't whine or complain if I don't win an award.

​ I will always remember that this is supposed to be fun.

​ It's not life or death, it's only a hobby,so help me God.


Easter Show-1.jpg

We had perfect weather on Easter Sunday at the
"Real Easter Car Show" hosted by the St. Louis Street Rod Association.  There was a good turnout of Coachmen members. 

Joe Corso, 69 Chevelle

Stu & Deb Langer, 65 Chevelle Wagon

Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS

Charlie Gilbert and Mary, 93 Olds Cutlass Conv.

Jim Stanley, 92 Mercury Grand Marquis

Phil & Margie Moise, 72 Excaliber

Steve Coldewe,  1961 Alfa Romeo

Ralph Coldewe, 1959 Alfa Spider

And friends of Coachmen, John Moss and Andrew

Bill & Patti Dedeke, Stu & Deb Langer, and Ralph Colewe all won awards.  Congratulations!

Click on picture for slide show.

Three Coachmen, Bill & Patti Dedeke with is 64 Impala SS, Lou Puricelli with his 34 Ford Coupe, and Stu Langer with his 39 Studebaker truck attended the Talladega Nights Car Show on Sunday, April 30th. We were joined by friends John Moss and his grandson Andrew.

The weather was cold and terribly windy.  One of us was smart enough to leave early; Lou left right before lunch, the rest of us stayed and suffered.    At least the remaining ones all received TOP 25 awards.  The awards were really nice clocks.

Congratulations to the winners!

Taledega Nights.jpg
Taledega Nights 2.jpg
Taledega Nights 3.jpg

Talladega Nights

Car Show

Rides for Guides

Car Show

Guide Dogs Show-2.jpg

Charlie Gilbert (93 Cutlass Convert.), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 ImpalaSS), Phil & Margie Moise ('72 Excaliber), and Stu & Deb Langer (39 Studebaker) enjoyed the perfect weather on Sunday, May 21st at the Rides for Guides Car Show at the Machinists' Hall in Hazelwood.  The Dedeke's and the Langer's both won awards in their classes.  Congratulation!

Guide Dogs Show.jpg

Ralph & Jane Coldewe, 2007 BMW "M" series, Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS, and Stu & Deb Langer, 39 Studebaker pick-up went to the Bullitt Car Show in Mascoutah, Ill on Saturday, May 27th.

The Dedeke's and the Langer' s won TOP 50 Awards, but the Dedeke's got the best award available, BEST IN SHOW!  Congratulations!


Bullitt Car Show

Bullitt Car Show-1.jpg
Bullitt Car Show-4.jpg
Bullitt Car Show-5.jpg
Bullitt Car Show-2.jpg
Bullitt Car Show-3.jpg

Very unique
Best of Show award!


Hazelwood Baptist Church Car Show


It was a great time a the Hazelwood Baptist Church Car Show on Saturday, June 17th.  The weather was perfect!

Bill & Patti Dedeke brought their 64 Chevy Impala SS, Dave & Rita Hill had their 69 Chevy Chevelle, Phil & Marge Moise came in their 72 Excaliber, Stu & Deb Langer brought their 39 Studebaker Pick-up, and Charlie Gibert had his 93 Olds Cutlass Convertible.  Thanks for getting there early and saving us some spots, Charlie!  Everyone that entered to be judged won a "Crowd Favorite" award in their class.  100% winners!! Congratulations!!


Ava Kern Charity Car Show

It was brutally hot on Sunday, June 25 for the Ava Kern Charity Car Show in Columbia, Ill. Thankfully there was a strong breeze and an air conditioned restaurant/bar nearby.

Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle), Ray Neimeier (2007 Challenger), Stu Langer (39 Studebaker) and Bill & Patti Dedeke entered their cars in the show.  We were all winners!

The Dedeke's won first place, Stu won second place, and Ray and the Hill's won third place.  Congratulations!



Kimmswick Fathers' Day Car Show

The day started out great, cool dry weather.  That changed shortly after lunch.  It drizzled on and off most of the afternoon. 

Some of us were there anyway.  Jim Klefisch brought his 69 Pontiac Lemans, Mike & Carol Mirkay were there with their 47 Ford Coupe, Bill & Patti Dedeke drove their 64 Impala SS, and Stu & Deb Langer came in their 39 Studebaker Truck.  Former Coachmen Terry & Sammie McGuire had their 41 Chevy Truck and spent the day with us as well.  Bill & Charlene Blumm stopped by and visited for awhile.

They gave out awards early because of the weather; the Mirkay's and the Dedeke's both won awards.  Congratulations!


Red Bud Car Show

It was a bit hot and humid at the 38th Annual River Road Cruisers Car Show at the Lion Club in Red Bud, Ill. on Independence Day.  Stu & Deb Langer, Bill & Patti Dedeke, and Dave & Rita Hill went to the show.  We were accompanied by several of our motorhead friends; Danny Wall, John Moss, Dennis & Debbie McBee, and several others.  We had a great time telling stories, eating Lions' Club food, and savoring the Hit & Miss Ice Cream.  Unfortunately, none of the Coachmen won any awards.

Red Bud1.jpg
Red Bud2.jpg
Red Bud3.jpg


Cruisin' Lindbergh

Cruisin' Lindbergh was a good time Saturday evening, July 22nd.  Quite a large number of Coachmen were there enjoying the old and the new Hot Rods cruising Lindbergh and doing burnouts.
Dan & Barb Wrobel, Charlie Gilbert, Ray Neimeier, Mike Mirkay, Phil and Margie Moise, Dale Skyles, Emery Koch, Joe & Cathy Corso and their son Joey, Bill Dedeke, and Stu & Deb Langer filled up the old Burger King parking lot.  We also enjoyed the company of former Coachmen, Jim & Steph Cagle.




Mascoutah Homecoming Car Show


Mike Mirkay and Stu & Deb Langer went to the Mascoutah Homecoming Car Show on Sunday, Aug. 6th.  Despite what the weather guys predicted, we had good weather.  We saw sunshine and blue skies by early afternoon.  Due to the rains in the recent past, the park was too wet to have the car show there, so they moved it across the street to the school parking lot.

Mike and the Langers both took home second place trophies.




Hot Rods For Heroes

Car Show


It was a nice show on Sunday, Aug. 14th in Columbia, Ill.  We got lucky and the rain never showed up until the show was over.

Charlie Gilbert, Stu Langer, Phil & Margie Moise, and Bill Dedeke were displaying their vehicles on the streets of Columbia.   

Stu received one of the TOP 20 awards.  Congratulations!



Maeystown Car Show

HOT was the word of the day!  Charlie Gilbert, Bill & Patti Dedeke, and Stu & Deb Langer braved the heat on Sunday, Aug. 20th in Mayestown, Ill.  We got lucky and were able to sit under the pavilion all day and stay reasonably cool.

Bill & Patti won a first place award, and Stu and Deb won a third place award.  Congratulations!


St. Louis Car Museum

The Dedekes, Stu Langer, and Charlie Gilbert went to the St. Louis Car Museum on Saturday, Aug. 26th.  What more can I say.

St Louis Car Museum.jpg


I Can't Drive 55!

The Dedekes, the Moise's and the Langers attended the "I Can't Drive 55" car show on Aug. 27th.  The Dedeke's were the only winners, they were chosen the best '60's car.  Congratulations! 

I can't Drive55.jpg


S.L.I.C.K. Car Show

Here we are at the S.L.I.C.K. Car Show in Harvester, Mo. on Sept. 3rd.  The Moise's, the Hills, the Dedeke's, and the Langers sweated quite a bit and still won nothing!   We did have a great time despite the heat.  It was good to see old friends we hadn't seen in quite while.

Slick Show.jpg


St. Louis Car Museum

The rain date (Sept. 9th) for the St. Louis Car Museum Car Show turned out to be a gorgeous day.  Charlie Gilbert, the Dedekes, and Stu Langer enjoyed the show much better this time. 

Fellow Coachmen Herb and Pat Clark were there also.  They set up some of the "Car Games" that he's always talking about.  What fun!  All of us took turns doing some of the games, the "Stop on a dime", "The ring toss", and the "Spill your drink". 

Herb has arrange to have these games and more at Forest Park Community College on Oakland Ave. on October 14th, starting at 10:00am.  It's a $25 donation to play, and the proceeds go to the Great Race fund for some of the students to compete in The Great Race again next year.  They competed earlier  this year and came in 59th out of about 130 cars.  Not bad for rookies!



Roxana Park Auto Show

Another perfect weather day at the Roxana Park Car Show on Sunday, Sept. 10th.  Stu & Deb Langer, Dave & Rita Hill, Bill Dedeke, Danny Wall, and Charlie Gilbert attended the show that included over 250 beautiful cars and trucks from all around the St. Louis area.  The Langers and Danny Wall both won 1st place trophies in their class, and Bill Dedeke won Roxana Park's Choice car of the year! 


Joe Corso went to the Twin City Car Show on Saturday, Sept 9th and the All Chevy Show on Sunday.  He won 1st place awards at both shows.



Arnold Days Car Show

Lou Puricelli, Stu Langer, and Bill and Patti Dedeke spent the day in Arnold City Park for the 10th annual Arnold Days Car Show on Saturday, Sept. 16.  It was perfect weather and great food.  Mike Mirkay and Deb Langer visited with us for a while.  Unfortunately no one took home any awards.  

Arnold Days.jpg

Weekend of Sept. 22 to 24

Dan and Barb Wrobel took their new 2022 Mustang to the Justin Delivers Hope car show in Dardenne Prairie on Saturday.  They won second place.

Joe Corso and Dave & Rita Hill went to the All Chevy Show at Butler Chevrolet on Saturday.  The Hill's won third place and Joe Corso won second place.

Charlie Gilbert and Stu Langer went to the Route 66 Mother Road Festival In Springfield, Ill. this weekend.  No winners there, but a great time!

Congratulations to the winners!!

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