I promise and swear that I will be a good sport.

​ I won't whine or complain if I don't win an award.

​ I will always remember that this is supposed to be fun.

​ It's not life or death, it's only a hobby,so help me God.



The first major car show of the 2021 season was the "Real" Easter Car Show on Sunday, April, 4th.  It's been held in Forest Park for a long as I can remember, but thanks to Covid restrictions in the City of St. Louis, it was moved to the St. Charles Family Arena.  Due in part to the great weather, there was a near record number of over 700 cars at the show.  The Coachmen turnout was also a record, but not a good one.  Only 5 Coachmen cars were at the show.  Bill & Patti Dedeke withe their 64 Impala, Jim Klefisch with his 69 Pontiac Lemans, Bob & Kay Meckfessel with Kay's 62 Corvette, Ralph Coldewe with his 59 Alfa Romeo, and Stu & Deb Langer with their 69 Pontiac Trans-Am.  The Dedeke's, the Meckfessels, the Langer's and Jim Klefisch all won "Top 3" in their class.


Only 2 Coachmen were brave enough to battle the cold weather on Saturday, May 29th. Bill & Patti Dedeke and Stu & Deb Langer made the voyage to Mascoutah, Ill. for the Back to the Future Car Show.  Both couples received Top 3 Awards in their class.  Congratulations!


Three Coachmen families attended the  Scott Field Heritage Air Park Car Show on Saturday, June 12th. Bill & Patti Dedeke, Bob & Kay Meckfessel, and Stu Langer and his grandson RJ Schlemmer made another voyage to the Mascoutah area.  What a great venue for a car show.  We were diappointed that they were only judging pre-registered cars.  No doubt, we all would have been winners!


Four Coachmen families endured the rather warm weather at the Kimmswick Fathers' Day Car Show.  Bill & Patti Dedeke brought their 64 Impala SS, Jim Klefisch brought his 69 Pontiac Lemans, Ray Niemeier had his 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T, and Stu & Deb had their 65 Chevelle Wagon.  We were accompanied by former Coachmen Terry & Sammie McGuire with their 41 Chevy Truck.  Stu & Deb won one of the awards given out by the local merchants.

The Great Race.jpg

Bill Dedeke and Stu Langer went to Cape Girardeau on Tuesday, June 22nd to cheer on fellow Coachmen Herb & Pat Clark and their team as they participated in The Great Race.  It's exciting to see someone take a stock 1930 Ford Model A Speedster and race it across the country from San Antonio, Texas to Greenville, South Carolina in a 10 day event of this magnitude.  It's not without it's issues, they had the brakes go out when a brake line broke, and they had overheating issues and lost a lot of antifreeze, but they fixed everything in a short time and were back on the road again.  They arrived in Greenville, South Carolina on Sunday, June 27th.  They took third place in their division.  Congratulations!


The great weather brought a surprising number of Coachmen out of hibernation for the River Road Cruisers Car Show in Red Bud, Ill. on the fourth of July:


Bill & Patti Dedeke - 64 Impala SS

Jack Howard - 57 Chevy

Ray Niemeier - 2011 Dodge Challenger

John & Lee Kakouris, 88 Corvette

Bob & Kay Meckfessel - 62 Corvette

Dave & Rita Hill - 69 Chevelle

Joe Corso - 69 Camaro

Stu Langer - 65 Chevelle


Ray Niemeier won 3rd place and Joe Corso won 2nd place.

Dave Hill was honored for his service in the military.


I can't remember a cooler Ellis Grove Car Show ever.  The weather was great at the 22nd Annual Car Show on July 18th.

Coachmen attending were: Stu & Deb Langer, Bill & Patti Dedeke, Bob & Kay Meckfessel, Phil & Marge Moise, Dave & Rita Hill, and Joe Corso.  John & Lee Kakouris stopped by and visited for a while.

Everyone was a winner!  The Meckfessels, the Langers, and the Hills got 3rd place awards, the Moise's got a 2nd place award, Joe Corso won the award for the Best Engine, and the Dedeke's won the Banker's Choice Award.  


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Another gorgeous day at the Roxana Park Car Show on August 1st. 

Phil & Margie Moise brought their Excaliber

John & Lee Kakouris brought their 57 Corvette

Bob & Kay Mechfessell brought Kay's 62 Corvette

Stu & Deb Langer brought their 65 Chevelle

3 out of 4 were winners!  Congratulations!


Four couples made it over to Mascoutah for their August Fest and Homecoming Car Show on Sunday, Aug. 8th.  From left to right: Phil & Marge Moise, Stu & Deb Langer, Bill & Patti Dedeke, and Dave & Rita Hill. We all enjoyed their great breakfast as well as rather pleasant weather...., almost.  We all hit heavy rains on the ride home.  The Dedeke's won a second place trophy.  Congratulations!

Arnold Historical.jpg

John Gibbons, Jack Howard, and Lou Puricelli went to the Arnold Historical Society Car Show on Saturday, Aug. 14th.  John had his 1978 Ford Phaeton Replicar, Jack had his 57 Chevy, and Lou had his 34 Ford Hot Rod.  Jack and Lou both won Top 24 Awards, and the Coachmen won the Club participation award.  Congratulations!


Seven Coachmen cars were represented at the Maeystown BBQ & Car Show on Sunday, Aug. 15th.  From left to right: Dave & Rita Hill, Ray Neimeier, John & Lee Kakouris, Mike Mirkay and his friend Jim, Bob & Kay Meckfessel, Bill & Patti Dedeke, and Stu & Deb Langer.  Mike Mirkay entered as "Display Only" since he had to leave early.  The rest of us were all winners!

The Dedeke's and the Kakouris' won 1st place awards, The Meckfessel's, the Langer's and Ray Niemeier won 2nd place awards, and the Hill's car was chosen as the Fire Chief's favorite.  If they had a Club Participation award, we might have won that as well.

Congratulations to all the winners!

American Grafitti.jpg

Bill & Patti Dedeke were the only Coachmen brave enough to endure the heat at the American Graffiti Car Show in DeSoto on Saturday, August 28th.

They won a Top 25 plaque as well as the Best Engine trophy. 



Here we are at the Slick Car Show in Harvester, Mo. on Sunday, Sept 5th.

We finally got a break for the heat, the weather was gorgeous!

Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS, Dave & Rita Hill, 69 Chevelle, and Stu & Deb Langer, 39 Studebaker Truck.  Ralph Coldewe and his daughter arrived later in Ralph's Alfa Remeo, but they didn't stay long.  Dan & Barb Wrobel came by and visited most of the day.

The Langers and the Dedekes won Class Winner awards.  Congratulations!

Kicks on 66.jpg

Quite a few Coachmen members went to the "Kicks on 66" car show in Edwardsville, Ill. on Saturday, Sept. 11th.  It was not a competition car show, but instead a display of cars fro all over the region ranging from Model T's to Ferrari's.

Coachmen that attended the show were:

Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS

Dave & Rita Hill, 69 Chevelle

Phil & Margie Moise, 72 Excaliber

Bob & Kay Meckfessel, 62 Corvette

Ray Neimeier, 2011 Dodge Challenger STR-8

Dave Wilson, 76 Pontiac Trans Am

Ralph Coldewe, 59 Alfa Spider

All Chevy-2.jpg

The "All Chevy Show" at the Museum of Transportation on Sunday, Sept. 12th. 

From right to left:

Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS, Stu Langer , 65 Chevelle Wg,

Dave & Rita Hill, 69 Chevelle, and Joe Corso, 69 Camaro, We were joined by former Coachman Terry McGuire, 41 Chevy Truck.

Joe Corso won a 3rd place award, The Dedeke's and Stu won 2nd place awards. Terry also won a 2nd place award.  Congratulations!


It was an unusually hot mid-September day in Pacific at their 19th Annual Car Show.  Bill & Patti were there with their 64 Impala SS, Bob & Kay Meckfessel brought their 62 Corvette, and Stu & Deb Langer arrived with their 65 Chevelle Wagon.  Herb Clark was also there with his latest acquisition, a 1930 Model A Custom Woody Sedan.  He didn't enter as one of the show cars, but was displaying his car at "The Lift Store" booth.

The Meckfessel's and the Dedeke's won "Runner-Up" awards.  Congratulations!


A beautiful day in Millstadt, Ill. on September 25th for the Save The Water Tower car show.  Bill & Patti Dedeke, Stu Langer, Bob & Kay Meckfessel, and Phil & Marge Moise (natives of Millstadt) attended the fund raising event to save the Millstadt Water Tower from rusting away.  There were very few awards given out, so none of use were lucky enough to walk away with one.  We still had a good time enjoying the great weather and good company.  One of Al Capone's "boys" was there to prevent any shenanigans.

Texas Roadhouse.jpg

Gorgeous weather all day at the Texas Roadhouse Car Show in Kirkwood on Sunday, October 17th, brought out 5 Coachmen.  Jack Howard brought his 57 Chevy, Lou Puricelli had his 34 Ford Hot Rod, Bill & Patti were there with their 64 Impala SS, Stu langer had his 65 Chevelle Wagon, and Phil & Margie Moise brought their 72 Excaliber.

Only 4 awards were given out, unfortunately not to any of us.


Jack Howard & Linda Thomas (57 Chevy) and Bill & Patty Dedeke (64 Impala SS) were the only Coachmen at the 1st Annual Classic Car Show & Concert at Hoffmeister Funeral Home at Watson & Chippewa on Sunday, Oct 31st.  They only gave out 4 trophies, and Jack won 2 of them!  Congratulations!