I promise and swear that I will be a good sport.

​ I won't whine or complain if I don't win an award.

​ I will always remember that this is supposed to be fun.

​ It's not life or death, it's only a hobby,so help me God.



The first major car show of the 2022 season is always the "Real" Easter Car Show, this year on Sunday, April, 17th.  The Coachmen turnout was good, considering the "brisk" weather, 5 Coachmen cars and 1 friend (Charlie Gilbert) were at the show. 

From left to right: Stu & Deb Langer's 39 Studebaker Truck, Dale Skyles' 56 Chevy, Jim Stanley's 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis, Bill & Patti Dedeke's 64 Impala, Charlie Gilbert's 93 Olds Cutlass Convertible, and Ralph Coldewe's 59 Alfa Romeo.  Jim "Happy Mechanic" Stanley saved the day by repairing Dale's leaky transmission cooler line.

All of us walked away with Class Winner awards.  CONGRATULATIONS!


Zoar Church Car-Diac Car Show

Only 3 Coachmen attended the Zoar Church Car-diac Car Show.  Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle), Bill & PAtti Dedeke (64 Impala) and Phil & Marge Moise ( 72 Excaliber).

Zoar Church.jpg

Only 3 Coachmen families attended the Rides for Guides Car Show on Sundat, May 22nd.

 Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle),  Dave & Rita Hill. ( 69 Chevelle), and Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala).

The Dedeke’s won second place and the Langer’s won first place.

Guide Dogs.jpg
Valley of Flowers.jpg

Valley of the Flowers Car Show

4 Coachmen attended the Valley of the Flowers Car Show in Old Town Florissant on Sat. May 7th.  Stu Langer (65 Chevelle), Bill & PAtti Dedeke (64 Impala),Charlie Gilbert (93 Cutlass Convertible), and Bob & Kay Meckfessel (63 Corvette).

If there was ever a perfect weather day, this was it!  70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Due to a change in classes, Bill & Patti won first place in "Ford Cars 1955 to 1997".  Bob & Kay took second place in "Corvette 1953 to 1967".  Congratulations to the winners! 


Waterloo Optimist Club Car Show

It was a better turnout of Coachmen than we've had in a while for the Waterloo Optimist Club Car Show on Sunday, June 5th.

Joe Corso brought his 69 Camaro, Phil and Marge Moise had her 72 Excaliber, Dale Skyles drove his 56 Chevy 210, Bill & Patti Dedeke had their 64 Impala SS, Stu & Deb Langer brought their 65 Chevelle Wagon, and Ray Niemeier came with his 2011 Challenger STR8.  We enjoyed not only great weather, but good food.   Marge Moise was the big winner, with a TOP 50 award.  Congratulations!


Kirkwood Cars & Guitars Festival

9 Coachmen Families were represented at the Car & Guitars event in downtown Kirkwood on Saturday, Jun 11th.   Herb & Pat Clark had their 31 Model A Woody Wagon, Stu & Deb Langer had their 39 Studebaker,  Bob & Kay Meckfessel had their 62 Corvette, Bill & Patti Dedeke had their 64 Chevy Impala SS, Dale Skyles had his 56 Chevy Sedan, Dan & Barb Wrobel had their 95 Mustang GT, Dave Hill had his 69 Chevelle, Lou & Barb Purecelli had their 66 Plymouth, and Rich & Sandy Battelle had their 72 Chevelle Convertible.

We were all a bit upset with the folks running things.  We were forced to park on this back parking lot, away from the main "action", even though we were pre-registered.  Then they were parking cars on Kirkwood Rd. that had just pulled in and weren't pre-registered.  We all still had a pretty good time anyway, except for the Purcelli's and the Battelle's.  They left after about an hour, complaining about the 85 degree heat?!?!?                                                                             


Hazelwood Baptist Church Car Show

It was an enjoyable day at the Hazelwood Baptist Church Car Show on Saturday, June 18th.  The weather was perfect. 

Charlie Gilbert has his 93 Cutlass Convertible, Phill & Marge Moise had her 72 Excaliber, Bill & Patti had their 64 Impala SS, and Stu & Deb had their 65 Chevelle Wagon.

Phil had a flat tire on the way to the show, and during the show, another tire went down.  Phil and Marge left early because of it.

They ended up winning one of the "Crowd Favorite" awards, as did the Dedekes and the Langers.


Horseless Carriage.jpg

Horseless Carriage Club Car Show

Dave Wilson went to the Horseless Carriage Club's Father's Day Car Show at the Museum Of Transport. He won 1st place in one of only six categories.  Congratulations!

D Wilson Fathers'Day.jpg

River Road Cruisers Car Show

Only 2 Coachmen families were tough enough to deal with the heat on July 4th at the River Road Cruisers Car Show in Red Bud Ill.

Bill & Patti came with their 64 Impala SS and Stu & Deb brought their 65 Chevelle Wagon. 

Bill won 3rd place in his class.  Congratulations!


Kimmswick Fathers' Day Car Show

5 Coachmen were at the Kimmswick Fathers' Day Car Show.  Jim Klefisch (68 Pontiac Lemans), Ray Neimeier (2011 Dodge Challenger) Bob & Kay Meckfessel (62 Corvette), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala SS), and Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle Wagon).  It was rather chaotic when we arrived and we were unable to park together as a group, but we did find a nice shady spot to sit together.  We were joined by friends John Moss and his grandson, Andrew, with their 57 Chevy "AlCamino".

The Meckfessels, the Dedekes, and the Langers were all award winners.  Congratulations!


Dallas Emily Charity Car Show

Bill & Patti Dedeke, Lou Puricelli, and Bab & Kay Meckfessel ventured to the Dallas Emily Charity Car Show, put on by John Moss and the Give-Back Pack, in Columbia, Ill. on Sunday, June 26th.  They spent most of the morning dealing with chilly, drizzly weather.  The weather finally cleared up around 1pm. 

The Dedekes won 2 awards, the Kent Zimmerman Memorial Award, and 1st place in their class.  Lou Puricelli and the Meckfessels collected 1st and 2nd place awards respectively in the Corvette class.

Stu & Deb Langer stopped by and visited for the afternoon.

John Moss and the Give Back Pack raised over $5200 for the Emily Family.

Great job, guys!


Mehlville Jr. Panthers Car Show

4 Coachmen brave the heat on Saturday, July 23rd and attended the Mehlville Jr. Panthers Car Show at Mehlville High School.

Dave Evans had his 2003 Ford Thunderbird, Lou Puricelli brought his '66 Plymouth Satellite, Jack Howard came with his '57 Chevy, and new member Dick Benach had his '59 Edsel Station Wagon.

Lou and Jack both took home TOP 30 Awards.  Congratulations!

Fourth Annual Classic Car Show

Coachmen member Chuck Reitter's church hosted a classic car show on Saturday, July 30th at St. Paul's UCC in Oakville.  We had a good turnout of Coachmen that attended the show.

Phil & Margie Moise rode in on their Honda Goldwing Trike, Dave Wilson brought his 76 Pontiac Trans Am, Mike Mirkay displayed his 47 Ford Coupe, Ralph Coldewe & Jane drove their BMW M-4, Bill & Patti Dedeke had their 64 impala SS, Stu & Deb Langer showed their 39 Studebaker Pick-up, and Chuck & Kim Reitter displayed their 67 Chevelle SS396.  Stu & Deb won the Daily Driver Award.  Congratulations!


Weekend of Aug 20th and 21st

A disappointing turnout of Coachmen this weekend.  Only 3 of us made it to both shows this weekend.

The Dedeke's, the Langer's and the Moise's made it to both shows this weekend. 

Saturday was the "Sonny Sterthman Memorial Car Show" in O'fallon, Ill. and Sunday was the "Maeystown BBQ & Car Show" in Maestown, Ill.

Charlie Gilbert was the only Coachmen that went to the SkyView Drive-in on Saturday evening.

Bill got first place, Stu got second place, and Margie got third place on Saturday.  The "Trifecta"Congratulations!

The Dedeke's won first place and the Langer's won third place at Maeystown.

Sonny Sterthman.jpg

S.L.I.C.K. Car Show

Guess who went to the S.L.I.C.K. Car Show on Sunday, September 4th?

We all left with WINNERS plaques!  Congratulations!

Marge and Phil had to drive home in the rain. What an adventurous couple!

Slick Show.jpg

Kicks on 66

Beautiful weather and great company at the Kicks On 66 car show in Edwardsville on Saturday, Sept 10th.

Charlie Gilbert had his 93 Olds Cutlass convertible, Bob & Kay Meckfessel had their 63 Corvette, Bill and Patti Dedeke had their 64 Impala SS, Phil & Margie Moise had her 72 Excalibur, Stu & Deb Langer had their 65 Chevelle wagon, and Steve & Sherri Coldewe had their 1961 Alfa Romeo.

Kicks on 66.jpg

All Chevy Show

All Chevy Show.jpg
Fabulous Fifties.jpg

After some rain in the morning, Bill & Patti Dedeke convinced me to go to the All Chevy Show at the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood.

There were only about 50 cars there due to the weather.

We enjoyed the good company of John Moss and some of his family as well as some of the Small Car Club members.

Bill and I both won awards in our classes.

Weekend of 9/17 to 9/18

Joe and Kathy Corso were the smart ones this weekend.  They took their Camaro to the show at the Hillsboro Christian Church on Saturday and won 1st place, which included $100 CASH!

Then they went to Cape Girardeau on Sunday for the "Manifolds on Main Street Car Show" where it wasn't raining all morning, and won 3rd place.



Arnold Days

Four Coachmen made it to the Arnold Days Car Show on Saturday, Sept. 17th.

Jack Howard had his '57 Chevy, Bill Schmedeke brought his '62 Chevy Biscayne, Bill Dedeke had his '64 Impala SS, and Stu Langer brought his '65 Chevelle Wagon.

Bill And Stu won 1st place in their classes, and Stu won the Best Interior award.  Congratulations!


American Grafitti Car Show

American Grffiti.jpg

The Dedeke's (64 Impala SS) and the Moise's    (72 Excalibur) went to the American Graffiti Car Shown in DeSoto on Saturday, Sept. 24th. 

Both cars won TOP 75 awards.  Bill & Patti also won one of the Sweet 16 awards as well as an award for the Best Engine!  Congratulations!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Phil!

Knights of Columbus Car Show, Columbia, Ill.

K. of C. Logo.jpg
K of C Columbia.jpg

The perfect weather brought 9 Coachmen and 7 cars to the Knights of Columbus Car Show in Columbia, Ill. on Saturday, October 1st.

Phil & Marge Moise (72 Excalibur), Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle Wagon), Joe Corso (69 Camaro), Ray Niemeier (2011 Challenger), Lou Puricelli (66 Plumouth) Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala SS), and Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle).

Ray and the Hill's won 3rd place trophies, Lou, Joe Corso, the Langer's, and the Dedeke's won 1st place trophies.  Lou also won the raffle for a set of 4 brand new tires.  Congratulations!

High Ridge Elks Club Car Show

Perfect weather again for the High Ridge Elks Club Car Show on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

5 Coachmen cars were there.

Phil & Marge Moise (72 Excalibur), Joe Corso (69 Camaro), Jack Howard ('57 Chevrolet), Lou Puricelli (34 Ford Coupe), and Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle Wagon), as well and former Coachman Harold Brehan (65 GTO)

Jack Howard and the Langer's won 2nd place trophies.  Congratulations!

High Ridge Elks.jpg

Mascoutah Car Show and Chili Cook-off

Bob & Kay Meckfessel and Bill & Patti Dedeke were the only Coachmen at the Mascoutah Car Show and Chili Cook-off and Saturday, October 15th.  Bill and Patti won a 3rd place award.. Congratulations!

Mascoutah Chilli.jpg