I promise and swear that I will be a good sport.

​ I won't whine or complain if I don't win an award.

​ I will always remember that this is supposed to be fun.

​ It's not life or death, it's only a hobby,so help me God.


It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the Easter show on Sunday April 21st.  Coachmen members that entered their cars were: Jim Stanley (92 Mercury G.M.), Ed Ruckenbrod (90 Corvette Convertible), Bill Dedeke (64 Impala), Lou Puricelli (34 Ford Coupe), Bill Schmedeke (62 Chevy), Jack Howard (57 Chevy), Mike and Tina Weber (68 Dodge Coronet), Dale Skyles (56 Chevy), Bob Meckfessel and his son (62 Corvette), Stu & Deb Langer (69 Trans-Am), Tony Jones (96 Dodge Ram Truck), Stu Springer (34 Ford Coupe), and Dave Evans (39 Ford Sedan) .

Roger & Peggy Scheppers entered their 55 Chevy Convertible in the Horseless Carriage Car Show on the upper lot.

Coachmen John Gibbons, Skip Berger, and Ralph Coldewe and his son Steve were spotted wandering around the event.

Jim Stanley, Ed Ruckenbrod, Bill Dedeke, Lou Puricelli, Jack Howard, Mike and Tina Weber, Bob Meckfessel, Tony Jones, Stu Springer, and Dave Evans were all winners at the Real Easter Show on the lower lot.

Inaugural Team Caleb Charity Car Show

24 Coachmen families attended the Inaugural Team Caleb Charity Car Show. Here's the list:

Bill & Patti Dedeke

Ed Ruckenbrod

Bob & Kay Meckfessel

John & Lee Kakouris

Mike & Carol Mirkay

Jim Klefisch

Herb & Patty Clark

Dave Wilson

Rick & Sandy Battelle

Joe & Kathy Corso

Ed & Gayle Gittemeier

Jim & Diane Dalton

Danny & Georgia Daniele

Lou & Barb Puricelli

Jack Howard

Roger & Peggy Scheppers

Ralph Coldewe

Steve Coldewe

Mike & Tina Weber

Don Klos

Bill Schmedeke

Phil & Margie Moise

John Gibbons

Stu & Deb Langer

Stu and Deb and the whole Langer Family wish to thank all of our Coachmen friends and our generous sponsors for there participation and help with this show.  Without all of you, the show would not have been successful.


The Corso's and the Dedeke's were both winners of Top 25 Awards as judged by the world famous "Give Back Gang".  Congratulations!

        The Coachmen turnout for the Chesterfield Police Car Show on Saturday 5/18 was underwhelming. A total of 2 couples attended, namely the Dedeke's and the Meckfessel's. Both sailed of into the sunset with no Booty.

        Although a pleasant day and a great location with shopping for the ladies, indoor restrooms and indoor food, the show was very different from what we are accustomed to. There were no goody bags or attendance prizes and the group of about 68 cars contained a lot of late model cars. The awards were based on around 25 classes in which you entered into 3 of them, if you could find three that fit. This resulted in one car winning 3 trophies and at least one other winning 2.

       Dedeke behaved himself and did not embarrass the Club.

Bob Meckfessel

Texas Roadhouse 2019.jpg

4 Coachmen Cars were on display at the Texas Roadhouse Car Show on Sunday, May 19th.  John & Lee Kakouris with their 88 Corvette, Bill & Patti Dedeke with their 64 Impala SS, Stu & Deb Langer with their 65 Chevelle Wagon, and Ray Niemeier with his 2011 Dodge Challenger.


The Dedeke's went home with 2 Awards: Spectator's Choice and 1st Place in the show!


We were blessed with great weather at the annual Volpi Foods Memorial Day/ Employee Appriciation Day picnic.  10 of the best Coachmen cars were on display for the enjoyment of their employees.  From Left to right: Mike Mirkay, Roger Scheppers, Jim Klefisch, Stu & Deb Langer, Ed & Jan Ruckenbrod, John & Lee Kakouris, Bob Meckfessel, Joe & Kathy Corso, Dave Hill, and Ray Niemeier. 

A big Thank You to Mark Lacey and all the folks at Volpi Foods for their hospitality.


Dale Skyles and Stu & Deb Langer entered their cars in the Kirkwood Cars & Guitars Festival on June 8th.  We were joined by Rick & Sandy Battelle and Lou & Barb Puricelli.  We explored some of the local bars and restaurants as well as the specialty shops in the neighborhood.

A fair turnout of Coachmen at the Hill Show on Sunday, June 9th.

Jim Klefisch (68 Pontiac), Jim Stanley (04 Mercury), Jack Howard (57 Chevy), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala SS), Dale Skyles (56 Chevy), Lou Puricelli (66 Plymouth), and Stu & Deb Langer (39 Studebaker).

Jim Stanley, Bill & Patti Dedeke, Lou Puricelli, and Stu & Deb Langer all took home second place awards.  Jack Howard was the big winner receiving both the Monseigneur's Choice and Best Interior.  

Congratulations to the winners!

Hill_2_ 2019.jpg

The early morning rain kept everyone away from the original meeting place for the Fathers' Day Car Show in Kimmswick.  Bill & Patti Dedeke and Stu & Deb Langer made it over there later in the morning, but only because of the encouragement for our friend John Moss.

The Dedekes ended their day with and award from one of the business in Kimmswick. Congratulations!


The Hill's and the Dedeke's were the only ones that braved the heat and traveled to Red Bud, Ill on July 4th for the annual River Road Cruisers car show.  Both of them won major awards!  Congratulations!

4 Coachmen cars were at the 20th Annual Ellis Grove Fire Department Car Show on Sunday, July 21st.  Lou Puricelli, 66 Plymouth, Stu & Deb Langer, 39 Studebaker, Bill & Patti Dedeke, 64 Impala SS, and Dave & Rita Hill, 69 Chevelle.

All won class trophies, but Bill was the big winner not only winning first in his class, but also the Best GM in the show!  Congratulations!


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If you could call ahead and order the perfect weather for a car show, then Sunday, Aug 4th was it!

9 Coachmen (5 families) went to the car show in Roxana City Park.  That has got to be one of the most beautiful parks anywhere around, it was hard to find a spot that wasn't shady.

From left to right: John & Lee Kakouris (88 Corvette), Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle), Ray Niemeier (2011 Challenger), Phil & Marge Moise, (72 Excaliber), and Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle).

3 out of 5 of the cars we had there won awards.  The Kakouris's and Ray Niemeier won second place awards, and the Langer's won "Best Pro-Street".  Congratulations! 


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Joe & Kathy Corso were the only Coachmen that went to the Jour De Fete Car Show in Ste Genevieve on Sunday, Aug 11.

They walked away with a well deserved First Place trophy for their 57 Chevy.  Way to go!


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Maeystown Car Show

Sunday, August 18

9 Coachmen (5 families) went to the Maeystown Volunteer Fire Department Car Show.  The weather was a bit warm, but we spent the day under the pavilion in the shade.

100% of us were winners! 

Stu & Deb Langer and Lou Puricelli won 3rd place awards, Bob & Kay Meckfessel won a second place award, Bill & Patti Dedeke took home a first place award.  Dave & Rita Hill were the big winners, they received the Fire Chief's Pick Award.  Congratulations!


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4 Coachmen cars were entered in the S.L.I.C.K. Car Show on Sunday, Sept. 1st.

Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala), Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle), Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle), and Ralph Coldewe (59 Alfa Romeo).  Many other Coachmen are also S.L.I.C.K. members and were helping to put on the show.

Stu & Deb and Ralph were class winners!


Another perfect score for the Coachmen at the Manchester Homecoming Festival on Saturday, Sept. 7th.

5 Coachmen cars entered and 5 Coachmen winners!

Phil & Margie Moise (72 Excaliber), Ray Niemeier (2011 Challenger), Stu & Deb Langer (39 Studebaker), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala), and Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle).


Beautiful weather blessed us for the DeSoto Baptist Church Car Show on Sat. Sept 14th.

Joe & Kathy Corso, Stu & Deb Langer, and Phil & Marge Moise attended. 

Moise's and Langers won 3rd and 1st place trophies in their classes.  Congratulations!


Four Coachmen families were at the Horseless Carriage Club Car Show on Sunday, Sept. 15th.

Bill & Patti Dedeke, Dave & Rita Hill, Bob & Kay Meckfessel, and Stu & Deb Langer.  Tough show; no winners.


Bill & Patti Dedeke, Dave & Rita Hill, and Stu & Deb Langer headed for Belleville Saturday morning, Sept 21st. We got lucky with the weather and hardly saw any rain.  Bill & Patti's Impala was chosen as one of the Top 20 cars.  Congratulations!


Jack Howard 57 Chevy, Lou Puricelli 66 Plymouth, Bill Schmedeke 62 Biscayne, Bill & Patti Dedeke 64 Impala, and Dave and Rita Hill 69 Chevelle all went to the High Ridge Elks Lodge Car Show on Saturday, Oct. 5th.

Lou and the Dedeke's both won second place awards.


Bill & Patti Dedeke and Stu & Deb Langer were the only Coachmen at the Kiwanas Club Car Show in Columbia, Ill.  on Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

The Dedeke's Impala and the Langer's Studebaker were both chosen as "Best In Show".  Congratulations!


Bill & Patti Dedeke and Dave Wilson attended the Texas Roadhouse Car Show in Kirkwood on Sunday, October 6th.  Dave's wife Carrie and John & Lee Kakouris stopped by to visit for a while.  They all avoided the brief rain by going inside and chowing down on some good Texas food!

It was a chilly but sunshiny day at the Knights of Columbus Car, Truck & Tractor Fun Show at Immaculate Conception Church in Columbia, Ill. on October 12th.

Bill & Patti Dedeke brought their 64 Impala, Ed Ruckenbrod brought his 2014 Challenger, Stu Langer had his 39 Studebaker, Dave & Rita Hill drove their 69 Chevelle, Jack Howard had his 57 Chevy, and Bill Schmedeke brought his 62 Biscayne.

The Dedekes and Stu won Top 75 awards, Jack Howard won 3rd place Best Interior, and Bill Schmedeke won 3rd place Best Engine.  Congratuations to the winners!

Bill & Patti Dedeke were the only Coachmen to venture to Mascoutah, Ill. on Saturday, October 19th for the Mascoutah Fall Fest Car Show and Chili Cook-off.  They came home with 1st Place Trophy.