I promise and swear that I will be a good sport.

​ I won't whine or complain if I don't win an award.

​ I will always remember that this is supposed to be fun.

​ It's not life or death, it's only a hobby,so help me God.


Vindel Services & Bada Bing Classics Car Show

Bill & Patti Dedeke attended the Vindel Services & Bada Bing Classics Car Show in Festus on May 30th.  As far as I know, this was the first car show this year.  They walked away winners!  Congratulations! 

Route 66 Car Club Fathers’ Day Car Show

Dave & Rita Hill, Bill & Patti Dedeke, and Stu & Deb Langer drove to St. Clair, Missouri for their annual Fathers' Day Car Show. There were over 200 cars there, but we all still managed to get runner-up plaques.  Congratulations!


Ellis Grove Car Show


Dave & Rita Hill, Bill & Patti Dedeke, Ray Neimeier, and Stu & Deb Langer drove to Ellis Grove, Ill. for their 21st Annual Car Show. The temperature never got over 35 degrees (Celcius, that is). 

Everyone left with an award: Stu & Deb Langer won 3rd place and Ray Neimeier won Second Place.

Dave & Rita Hill won the President's Choice.

Bill & Patti Dedeke won the Firemen's Choice.



Roxana Park Car Show

 Bill & Patti Dedeke and Stu & Deb Langer were the only ones to go to the Roxana Park Car Show on Aug. 2nd.

Phil and Margie Moise stopped by to visit for a while.

The weather was perfect, mid 70's and no rain!

Stu & Deb Langer won 3rd place and Bill & Patti Dedeke won second place.



Arnold Historical Society Car Show

 John Gibbons (1978 Ford Phaeton Replicar), Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle), Jack Howard (57 Chevy), and Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala) attended the Arnold Historical Society Car Show on Saturday, August 8th.  Jack Howard, the Hill's, and the Dedeke's won Top 25 Awards.  The Coachmen Car Club won their first "Club Participation" Award!



American Graffiti Car Show

5 Coachmen families attended the 2nd Annual American Graffiti Car Show at the VFW Hall in De Soto on Aug, 29th.

Stu & Deb Langer ('30 Ford Model A), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala SS), Bob & Kay Meckfessel (62 Corvette), Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle(, and Phil & Margie Moise (72 Excaliber).  Phil & Margie arrive a little latter thanks to a battle with some debris on I-55 which caused a flat tire, which became the discovery of no jack in the car, etc.  Thanks to a good samaritan, they were back on the road again soon.

Everyone walked away with "TOP 35" Awards; quite a feat considering there were over 180 cars registered!  Stu & Deb Langer also won the "Best American Graffiti Car" award.  Congratulations to all!

Logan Eichenseer Charity Car Show

It was a cloudy threatening day on Saturday, Sept. 12th at the Logan Eichenseer Charity Car Show in Columbia, Ill.  Except for a few moments of misty rain, we managed to stay dry most of the day.  In attendance were Phil & Marge Moise (72 Excaliber), John & Lee Kakouris (88 Corvette), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala SS), Lou Puricelli  (66 Plymouth Satallite), Bob & Kay Meckfessel (62 Corvette), and Stu & Deb Langer (65 Chevelle Wagon). 

We scored a perfect 100%; every one of us won first place!  Congratulations!

House Springs Lions Club Car Show

We didn't get as lucky the next day at the House Springs Lions Club Car Show on Sunday, Sept. 13th.

John & Lee Kakouris brought their 57 Corvette, Ray Neimeier came in his 2011 Challenger, Dave & Rita had their 69 Chevelle, Bill & Patti brought their 64 Impala, Jack Howard had his 57 Chevy, Stu & Deb Langer came in their 65 Chevelle, Phil & Marge Moise drove their 72 Excaliber, Jim Klefisch brought his 68 Pontiac Lemans.  We all left empty handed.

Cedar Hill Elks Club Car Show

On Sunday, Sept 27th, only 3 Coachmen couples went to the Cedar Hill Elks Club Car Show.  Bill & Patti Dedeke and their 64 Impala, Dave & Rita Hill and their 69 Chevelle, and Stu & Deb Langer with their 30 Model A.  The Langers won 1st place in their class.

Cedar Hill 2020.jpg

DeSoto K of C Car Show

On Saturday, Oct. 3rd, only 2 Coachmen went to the DeSoto Knights of Columbus Car Show.  Bill & Patti Dedeke and their 64 Impala, and Stu Langer with his 65 Chevelle. No winners....

DeSoto K of C.JPG

High Ridge Elks Club Car Show

After the Birthday Parade for Dale Skyles on Saturday, Oct 10th, many of us went to the High Ridge Elks Car Show.

Joe & Kathy Corso (57 Chevy), Stu & Deb Langer (39 Studebaker), Dave & Rita Hill (69 Chevelle), Bill & Patti Dedeke (64 Impala), Phil & Margie Moise (72 Excaliber), Lou Puricelli (34 Ford), and Jack Howard (57 Chevy).  Former Coachmen Bill Schmendeke (62 Biscayne) joined us  as well.

Jack Howard took second place and the Langers and Lou Puricelli took First Place.  Congratulations!

High Ridge Elks2020.JPG

Kicks on Rt 66

Windy and chilly would best describe the weather on Saturday, Oct 17th at the Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville, Ill.  The vast variety of cars displayed at the show made it worthwhile.  We got to see cars we don't often see anywhere, much less at a local car show.  Everything from Duesenbergs to Ferraris to McClarens, etc. 

6 Coachmen cars were displayed at the show.  Ralph & Jane Coldewe had their '59 Alfa Romeo Spider, Steve & Sherri Coldewe had their 1969 Alfa Romeo 2B, Phil & Margie Moise and their 72 Excaliber, Bill & Patti Dedeke had their 64 Impala, E.J.Johnson & Kim Kaehler had their 98 Dodge Viper, and Stu & Deb Langer had their 30 Ford Model "A".  Except for a few acorns falling from the trees, we all had a great time looking at all the seldom seen cars and taking advantage of the free Vodka (yes, one of the vendors was giving out free samples of their newest flavors of vodka).

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Mascoutah Sportsmen's Club

Fall Car Show

On Saturday, Oct 31st, 3 Coachmen couples ventured to Mascoutah for the Sportsmen's Club Car Show for what was probably the last car show of the season.  Dave & Rita Hill and their 69 Chevelle, and Stu & Deb Langer with their 39 Studebaker, and Phil and Margie Moise with her 72 Excalibur.  The Langers won Best Custom Car.